Best Virtual Assistant- The Echo Show Review

The Echo Show offers a number of interesting features that make it the best virtual assistant available in the market.

If you are looking for the best virtual assistant, then Echo show is the product for you. Amazon initially launched their first smart speaker device and it seems that they have outdone themselves with their latest installment dubbed the Echo show. This device is stupendously powerful and has taken the smart speaker industry to a whole different level! Previously the first smart speaker that Amazon launched was limited in applications but the Echo show has broken through these shackles by providing users with an array of different features and functions. We did a thorough research on the internet that gave us the result that Echo show is indeed the best virtual assistant available out there.

What makes this device the best virtual assistant is that not only can it seamlessly integrate with any smart home device but it also has the capacity of providing users with efficiency and entertainment side by side. The echo show device is controlled through voice recognition features, which is considered to be a complement to touch screens rather than a replacement. Some of the profound features included in the Echo show are as follows.

1.    Versatile voice recognition features

Making it the best virtual assistant, probably the most prominent feature included in Amazons latest edition is the cloud based voice service that keeps updating with time. Now all you have to do is ask Alexa any question and within a matter of seconds you will have all the required information. You can ask Alexa anything your mind could possibly imagine and also instruct the device to perform different functions such as play music, turn the lights on or off, control the temperature, find lyrics and much more. But what really makes the Echo show stand out are its far reaching voice recognition features – it has eight microphones, beam foaming technology, and noise cancellation which allows you to voice commands from as far as possible.

2.    Includes a 7inch touch screen display

The Echo show is the best virtual assistant because it has surpassed expectations as this smart speaker includes an interactive 7 inch touch screen display that has been optimized for visibility. So you can watch your favorite movies, check the calendar, create a to do list and this is just a glimpse into the different applications of this touch screen.If you get bored you can also start playing games on this screen or even start streaming your favorite TV show. This proves that this device is much more than a smart speaker!

3.    Voice control your entire smart home

This is the best virtual assistant because unlike the previous version where the smart speaker was only limited to certain devices, it can easily integrate with any smart device in your home. You can not only ask the speaker to control your cameras but also control your garage door and sprinklers. The speaker will not only carry out your request but will also analyze the operation of your devices and will provide recommendations on how to save energy costs. Yes, this smart speaker will start paying for itself!

4.    Call and message features

Still wondering what makes the Echo show the best virtual assistant? Well, this is what really makes this smart speaker stand out from the rest of the pack, you can actually ask Alexa to message or call your friends even when you don’t have your phone on you! This feature is only available after downloading the Echo dot or Alexa App.

So if you want to transform your home into a smart home, then the Echo show is the right product for you. So do not wait and buy now!

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