I robot Braava Jet Robot Mop Review – Best Robot MOP

Are you looking for the best Robot MOP? This I robot Braava Jet 240 App Robot Mop with its compact design and intelligent technology is the perfect option.

Are you looking for the best robot MOP? Then move over Roomba, the I robot Braava Jet mop is finally here and it has already taken the market by storm with its versatile features and cost effective price. This mop has taken smart home devices to a whole different level and has already become a pioneer in the industry as this modern home cleaning robot is packed with cutting edge technology that has helped it achieve such rapid success. We have read several reviews on the social media and closely analyzed the features offered by I robot Braava Jet 240 App Robot Mop and other similar products. Only after careful comparisons have we come to the conclusion that this is the best robot MOP!

Some of the most notable features of the I robot Braava Jet 240 App Robot Mop responsible for making it the best robot MOP are:

1.    Cleans floors in an organized manner

Our chosen best robot MOP uses a systematic pattern to clean floors to perfection; this pattern technique ensures that every inch of the floor is spotless. It has also been designed to clean those hard to reach places such as under kitchen sinks and bathrooms. Also this pattern ensures that every inch of the floor is covered at least twice before moving onto a different area.

2.    Compact design makes it perfect for tight spaces

Its compact design makes it the best robot MOP. The underlining reason why many modern home cleaning devices have failed to make an impact is due to the fact these devices are not compact in size and could not cover tight spaces around the home. However, the I robot Braava Jet 240 App Robot Mop has specifically been designed to reach each and every tight spot in your home including corners and under the kitchen sink.

3.    Works around objects present in your home

Another reason why this is the best robot MOP is that unlike the other smart mops, this robot remembers each obstacle that is present in your home and gently works around them to make sure none of your furniture or ornaments are harmed.

4.    Can detect stairs and rugs

This is probably the most profound feature of the I robot, making it the best robot MOP. It has the capacity of detecting stairs and rugs that are present in your home. It includes a versatile cliff detecting feature that notifies the device if any stairs or drop is close by and it will automatically direct itself away from the danger.

5.    Knows when to power down

This product is the best robot MOP because it knows when to power down. Not only will the I robot clean your home once activated but it will also power off to conserve its battery when the device is stationary. If that’s not enough if the device detects any malfunction it will automatically power off to make sure that none of its core parts are harmed.

6.    Superior cleaning

What really makes this device the best robot MOP is the fact that it will clean your home to perfection. This device will detect any dirt stains and will not move on until that stain is completely eradicated and the precession jet spray ensures superior cleaning like never before.


This I robot Braava Jet 240 App Robot Mop is the best robot MOP with several interesting features to offer. Therefore, we conclude that this is the best option for anyone looking for a modern cleaning robot. Purchase it now!

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