Innovative Technology Audio System Review – Best Vintage Audio System

Do you want to bring back the music in your life? This Innovative technology audio system is the best vintage audio system available in the market.

Dancing to the tune from the juke box or gossiping over the latest school rumor while the tape recorder played in the background, those were the good old days. In search of bringing back a fragment of these memories, we set our sights on the internet to find the best vintage audio system that would prove to be the perfect blend of innovative technology and nostalgic design.

We searched high and low on Facebook, Amazon, and tech websites, and finally ended at Best Buy. Lo and behold, there we found the one thing that wasn’t even on our mind: A vintage music center. Naturally, we had to have it as one of our top choice. Sure, it looked like something our grandpa would have but that’s the beauty of it. The combination of something old and something new is what sold us on this best vintage audio system.

Victrola 7-in-1 Vintage Wooden Record Player

No matter how much technology progresses, we still cherish our cassette tapes and vinyl. What we discovered in our quest was that this vintage audio system was a unique find because it was not just a player! Are you ready for it? It was a recorder too. Imagine that! Our top pick in music centers and it turns out to be the best vintage audio system after all. So, why is it called the 7-in-1 record player? Well, that’s because it offers you seven features that you don’t see in an old record player every day.


  1. Record player
  2. Recorder
  3. CD player
  4. Bluetooth
  5. Jack connection
  6. Built-in speakers
  7. Remote controlled

There are a few more features but we found these seven the best. One of the best things that we discovered about this vintage audio system is that you have more than two ways to play songs. Don’t have a vinyl? Let’s take out that old dusty box from the attic and pop in some cassettes. Don’t have that too? Bring out your CD case. Too lazy to do that? Why not connect it with your mobile phone and play songs from your playlist. I admit it we were a little giddy when we discovered these features.


  • 3 Speed Turntable:In the mood for a little fast music? We sure were and the turntable speeds really helped us party it up. Go as fast as 33.3 RPM to 45 RPM or 78 RPM.
  • Output Type:Mobile connection is possible with a 3.5mm jack
  • Weight:2 pounds
  • Power Source:AC Power Adapter, Electric Powered


This is by far the best vintage audio system we have come across because we were able to record our vinyl track into the CD. Some of the friends still cherish their cassette collection, so we had a turn with them too. We were able to stream music from our androids from a distance of 33 ft. This last feature settled it and we were convinced that we won’t find a more nostalgic and beautiful music center than this. It’s time to bring out all your CDs, cassettes and vinyl and buy this best vintage audio system.

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