LG Electric Dryer Black stainless steel Review – Best Dryer

This LG Electric Dryer with Steam Black stainless steel is the best dryer available in the market that allows easy drying of huge loads of laundry in a single cycle.

Looking through various options on the internet when finding the best dryers is a difficult task. Doing the laundry does not only include washing the clothes, but also ensuring that they are dry enough to hang indoors, especially when it is raining outside. The simplest way of doing this is to invest in a reliable dryer.

After reading, several reviews on the internet and deeply investigating the features offered by various dryers available in the market, we have reached the conclusion that the LG Electric Dryer with Steam Black stainless steel is the best dryer for you to end your laundry day on an accomplished note. There are several interesting features offered by the dryer that distinguish it from the other products of similar capacity.

Here are all the reasons why we concluded that the LG Electric Dryer with Steam Black stainless steel is the best dryer for you to invest in.


  • A capacity of 7.3 cubic feet allows drying of large, family-size loads
  • The dryer has a dial-a-cycle electronic controls, which, accompanied with the LED display, allows easy setting
  • The dryer has 27″ x 38 11/16″ x 30″ dimensions
  • The product allows you the convenience of controlling the settings with your Smartphone
  • The washer has the options of 14 different types of cycle including delicate, wrinkle care, speed dry, SteamFresh, and several others
  • There are at least 5 different temperature settings available as well so your clothes are dried at the proper temperature only
  • It has a front loading design, allowing easy access
  • The product offers a NeveRust drum featuring stainless steel material providing durability
  • Easy loading/unloading and flexible placement with a reversible door option
  • LoDecibel allows a noiseless operation

Features in Detail

The LG Electric Dryer with Steam Black stainless steel is the best dryer for simultaneously drying a good load of clothes. It saves times by providing you with an audio signal indicating the moment when you need to change the load. The dryer keeps you informed of its status with indicators for time remaining and Flow Sense technology for drying process and duct clogging.

Other major reason that makes the LG Electric Dryer with Steam Black stainless steel the best dryer is that it allows you to troubleshoot the common problems, hence, reducing the cost of calling a repairman in times of emergency. The dryer has a Steam Sanitary cycle so that you can use steam for items that are hard or impossible to wash such as stuffed toys and throw pillows. Moreover, the machine allows you to refresh your clothing items quickly as it uses the Steam Fresh cycle for reducing wrinkles. Furthermore, this features cuts down on ironing as well. It comes with child security that prevents unintentional or unauthorized usage.

Final Verdict

It is only fair to conclude that the LG Electric Dryer with Steam Black stainless steel is the best dryer since it has a lot to offer. Our research indicates that this product offers easy and noiseless operation, ample loading capacity, and 14 drying programs. Click here to buy this dryer and complete your laundry efficiently.

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